These illustrations were commissioned for the Wakefield Lit Fest 2013 and displayed as large scale prints during the month of the festival. My idea was to create images that sparked the viewers imagination into creating a mythology about Wakefield, storytelling and the immediate area where the Lit Fest was being held.

I wanted to avoid historical accurate facts and introduce an element of the surreal or macabre or the absurd into the drawings to engage a different part of the mind.


Visitors were encouraged to write down their ideas, thoughts, poems on post cards which were pined around the images, adding another dimension to the mythology.
Many thanks to Beam and the Wakefield Lit Fest organisers and to the many people who joined in and donated new Wakefield mythologies.



Drawings for an exhibition at Wakefield Lit Fest 2013
The originals were drawn on A3 cartridge paper in dip pen and india ink, with an ink wash over the top.