These pages were made for a small exhibition at the Wakefield Civic Society offices 2012. Like a lot of my work, I don’t just want to recreate a building or a place (photography does that much more efficiently) but I want to imbue an atmosphere and to link a story to the thing I draw. It doesn’t have to be anything big, usually the small things stick in the memory more.

I feel this is a symptom of modern life. The media (and that includes the internet) cranks events up so every headline becomes awesome, amazing, stunning and beautiful. Words start to lose their meaning and become misleading.

The Civic Society have Blue Plaques around the city and I used these as destination points to visit and do a 360 degree turn around to see what’s there in the area. Again I used my camera and note book to collect information and then made these pages back at the studio.


A3 cartridge paper and dip pen and ink with watercolour over the top.



Blue Plaque Diary Pages